Social Media for Business

 45% of the current population uses social media. That's 3.5 billion users worldwide.

Source - Emarsys 2019 statistics


Episode #6: Quick Show Notes


Because visibility can make or break a brand, we can both agree that in order to stay in business, attracting as many potential customers as possible is not an option. That's why social media is such a powerful tool for any organisation  wanting to promote itself to a global audience.


These cost-effective tools have been instrumental in the success of many products and today we look at five compelling reasons to integrate social media in your long-term marketing strategy. 


1. You attract a global audience of potential consumers.


2. You interact and engage with your audience directly.


3. Your message can reach the masses at the click of a button. 


4. User-generated content facilitates viral organic marketing.


5. Access to demographics and psychographics for targeted campaigns.


There are many more benefits, including brand awareness, growing your customer base, and most importantly, social selling and increased revenue.  


Brands and companies with clear objectives and a strategic plan not only attract their ideal audiences, but also maintain and increase their customers' loyalty. Which translates to sales and better return on investments with their digital marketing. 


There are so many ways social media sets itself apart as one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available.


Are you using it effectively?


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