Why Digital Content Marketing?

4.66 billion people, more than 59% of the world's population were on the internet as of October 2020. The ongoing pandemic with lockdowns and social distancing means those numbers are higher as we try to navigate life online. As technology continues to advance and consumer habits evolve, companies and organisations that don't have an optimised online presence are making a fatal mistake.


The internet has completely revolutionised the way business is done. Compared to traditional marketing like TV, radio, billboards and yellow pages, today with digital media brands can quickly reach a wider global audience with less overheads. That's why digital content needs to be an essential component of a company's marketing strategy.


What is Digital Content Marketing?

Digital marketing is any form of marketing that exists online. This broad term has many strategies, but one thing every strategy should be designed to do is increase website traffic. The more people visit a website, the more exposure the company's products and services get. With processes and sales funnels, the exposure translates to increased revenue. 


Because generating traffic is the life and blood of digital marketing, to be found by their audiences and achieve the desired results, companies have to implement various methods like SEO, SEA, and content distribution. That's where I come in.


How Will Naga Digital Help? 

As we continue to navigate the Covid crisis, these days almost everyone is online. Whether you're a corporation, an SME, NGO or Entrepreneur, content is the global currency of the World Wide Web. At Naga Digital we show you how to leverage the power of the internet to grow your organization and increase revenue.


Using my Signature ABC System©, I consult and train on how to:

  • A - Attract new audiences with social media.
  • B - Build trust with leads using email campaigns.
  • C - Convert prospects and retain buyers with multimedia.




In 2020, 3.23 billion people used a social network at least once a month. The pandemic has more flocking to these sites. Create content that attracts your target audience, grows followers and generates leads. Optimise profiles and develop an effective social media content strategy. 



Because we do business with brands we know, like and trust, most people are not ready to buy when they first see your content. Use lead magnets, landing pages and opt-in forms to capture leads. Then build trust and nurture the consumer-brand relationship with email campaigns.  



Consumers need multiple touch-points before making a purchasing decision. That's why offering value that caters to multiple learning styles helps your prospects make informed choices. Optimise your buyer's journey using multimedia sales funnels that convert and turn your buyers into repeat buyers and loyal brand ambassadors.